When you don’t feel like praying

Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks) when you just don’t feel like praying? It’s not that there is anything really wrong, but you just feel sort of blah, and you just don’t feel much like talking or thinking or striving in prayer. Does it make you feel like less of a Christian? Do you think to yourself, “What’s the matter with me?” Well, I think you need to look at prayer the same way you look at communication in general. Sometimes we just get in moods where we don’t feel much like talking. Maybe you are tired or maybe you are weary with coming to God with the same requests again and again. Maybe you just need a little break. Or maybe you don’t. What I have found is that prayer can be a lot like exercise. I procrastinate exercising all the time because it is difficult, requires my time and energy and focus. Not to mention it means I will need to shower afterwards, which takes more time. But I love the benefits of exercise. And when I do it, I feel great afterwards. And the long-term rewards are even better – increased health, smaller size and longevity. Prayer is like that, too. You may procrastinate it, you may dread it. You know it may be gut-wrenching and convicting. But the long term benefits are a closer walk with God, renewed energy to face each day and strong, enduring faith. It is so worth the effort. But, like exercise, it takes commitment. Even when you don’t feel like it. Just do it anyway.

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